Lights Lacquer YNBB Collection

Hi lacquer loves! Hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Today I’m sharing the newest collection by Lights Lacquer. This beauty is called the YNBB Collection.

What does YNBB stand for you say? It stands for Your Nails But Better! Special thanks to Lights Lacquer for sending me these gorgeous shades. How cute is this PR box?

The creator of Lights Lacquer, Kathleen Lights was inspired by the perfect nude lip. She wanted to create a collection where you could find your perfect nude polish! All of the names in the collection end in A and they are all cremes. Let’s take a look at each one.


This is an ivory beige creme. Excellent formula. I was so pleasantly surprised. I thought for sure this polish would be streaky as most polishes this color can be. Nope not here! This was smooth, creamy, pigmented, and opaque in two easy coats.


This is a gorgeous sandy beige nude. WOW! Soooo beautiful!!! I’m in love. Same formula as the previous polish. Fantastically pigmented, smooth, and also opaque in two easy coats. This compliments my skin tone so well. I am really loving it.


This is a tan with pink undertones. Another amazing formula. No streaks or unevenness whatsoever. Just perfect application and pigment. Super chic and elegant. Opaque in two coats.


This is a warm tan with orangey/brown undertones. This guy was almost opaque on the first coat. Wow! The pigment in these is just blowing me away. Every single one has such easy application. I’m in love. I did two coats here.


This is a pecan/chocolate brown. So delicious!!! Makes me think of chocolate mousse. Again, super pigmented and creamy. Almost opaque in one coat. These are really a dream to work with. I did two coats here.


This is a rich expresso coffee brown with red undertones. Fantastic coverage. It looks so vampy and luscious. This one will look a little darker inside under regular lighting. The perfect vampy shade. This is two coats.

My live swatch and review video is up on my YouTube channel here:

What did you think of these colors? My favorite was definetely Matilda. With Mila at a close second. I love all of them and feel they are so useful throughout the year.

These are available on and retail for $9.50 each USD or $52 for the bundle. Lights Lacquer is 7 free, vegan, cruelty free, and made in the USA.

As always, I topped my swatches off with Seche Vite which you can purchase here.

Which one was your favorite? Also, if you’re interested in seeing any DUPES comparisons please let me know in the comments.

Stay safe!

FTC: These polishes were sent to me from Lights Lacquer as PR. Some links are Amazon Associate affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.