Madam Glam Favorites | Black Friday Coupon Code!

Happy Mani Monday my beautiful polish friends! Today I have a special treat for you all! It’s Thanksgiving week… crazy… I know… so along with family time, turkey, and stuffing, also comes Black Friday specials! Madam Glam was generous enough to offer my readers and followers a special coupon code from now until Black Friday (11/27/15) on all of their products! Let’s take a look at the details.

Madam Glam Favorites - Black Friday Coupon Code offer! |


Madam Glam is a growing brand of cosmetics based in the Fashion district of New York, sold exclusively online on Their main products include gels, nail polishes and color changing gels. Their polish is cruelty-free, 5 free and vegan. These are all fantastic qualities in my book! Let’s take a look at some of my picks:


Your Majesty

This is a rich cobalt blue creme. It was almost opaque on the 1st coat, very minor streakiness. Completely opaque and fantastic in 2 coats. It’s very bright and I really love this polish for year-round seasons.

Your Majesty by Madam Glam |


Not Ashamed

This is a teal & green glitter in a black base. This dries very gritty and dull so you will want to add a good glossy top coat.

Not Ashamed by Madam Glam |


More Diamonds Please

This is a gorgeous, stunning mute-colored glitter in a clear base. It is thick and so easy to apply. It covered very well for a glitter on the 1st coat and was completely opaque on the 2nd coat which is so difficult for a glitter to accomplish. I really love this one!

More Diamonds Please by Madam Glam |


Coral Passion

This is a delicious neon coral. I adore corals so this one had to be part of my faves! It’s pretty streaky on the 1st coat and takes about 3 coats to be opaque and even, but the result is so juicy and bright. This takes me straight to Summer which is my favorite season of the year! My camera freaked out a bit with this color, of course, so it’s actually brighter in person. Neons are notorious for freaking cameras out!

Coral Passion by Madam Glam |



Madam Glam was sweet enough to offer my followers 40% off for the first 10 buyers that place an order and 30% off for those orders after as a BLACK FRIDAY special! All you have to do is enter BFnpp at checkout in the box that says “Apply a Promo Code”. Coupon code is valid now and expires Friday 11/27/15. Happy Black Friday shopping!

Madam Glam Shop Each polish retails at $10.95 USD so take advantage of the coupon code while it lasts!

Have you tried Madam Glam? Which one was your favorite from my picks?

Stay strong in your Pursuit!