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Happy Friday Pretty Polishers! In the US, we are getting ready for a holiday weekend – Memorial Day! I’m planning on pampering myself this weekend. So I’m sharing with you these lovely Mani Bombs from Forever Polished that will do just the trick for some major pampering!

Forever Polished Mani Bombs Review |

What are Mani Bombs? They are basically small fizz tablets that you drop into warm water and let your hands soak in for amazing moisture that help with dryness and leave your hands feeling soft and fresh. They are packed with nourishing oils and hydrating butter that are great for your skin. Forever Polished has the CUTEST Mani Bombs! I purchased a few recently and love their scents and the results! She is constantly adding new scents and rotating others so you might not find these exact Mani Bombs I featured below, but there are probably a bunch of new and amazing ones! She also has foot soaks, cuticle oils and butters. Make sure to check out her Instagram for restock dates.

Beach Days

This one literally smells just like the ocean air and suntan lotion. It has avocado oil and sunflower oil for amazing moisture. Doesn’t it just look like beach sand too? It smells amazing!

Beach Days - Forever Polished Mani Bombs |


I love the heart shape and color of this adorable mani bomb and of course it smells like fresh peonies! Just lovely. It contains coco butter, sweet almond oil, and apricot kernel oil for smooth skin.

Peony - Forever Polished Mani Bombs |


How adorable is this one? It smells citrusy and so fresh! It contains actual sunflower seeds, soy bean oil, and grape seed oil.

Sunflowers - Forever Polished Mani Bombs |

Bath Tea (Herbal)

This one is awesome because you can see the chunks of herbs and leaves on the top! It smells just like leaves which give it a very subtle scent. It contains cocoa butter, grape seed oil, and sweet almond oil for soft hands. This one is very relaxing!

Bath Tea (Herbal) - Forever Polished Mani Bombs |

Honey & Oats

This one is my FAVE! Honey is so good for your skin, hair, body, everything! It smells like baby powder LOL. It contains alfalfa powder, cocoa butter, soy bean/grape/sweet almond oils. This one is the most soothing of all.

Honey & Oats - Forever Polished Mani Bombs |

How do you apply Mani Bombs? Simple. Here’s how:

  1. Take a large bowl that will fit both of your hands.
  2. Fill 3/4 of it with warm-hot water.
  3. Drop the Mani Bomb in and let it fizz.
  4. Soak your hands for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Pat dry when done, push back your cuticles, and apply your favorite cuticle oil.

Avoid washing your hands for 20-30 minutes after you are done. It is best to use these once a week. They also last up to about a year so you can keep them for that long before using them. However, if you are like me, you will use them as soon as you get them in the mail. They are just too cute! I know some of these look yummy especially her macaroon and cake mani bombs but don’t eat them! LOL 🙂 These are super affordable and range from $1.25 – $4 each. The link to her shop is here.

Wanna see how these actually work? Check out my video live on my YouTube channel here:


What did you think of these? Have you ever tried any Mani Bombs? Have a great weekend everyone!

Stay strong in your Pursuit!