Marc Jacobs Enamored Nail Lacquer: 122 Ultraviolet

Happy middle of the week pretty polishers! We are half way there. It’s almost the weekend before Memorial Day weekend in the US. Do you have any fun plans for the long weekend? I hope to get lots of relaxing in!  Today I’m sharing with you a TJ Maxx find. Yes, believe it or not this polish is from TJ Maxx. This is Ultraviolet by Marc Jacobs.


I could not believe they were selling Marc Jacobs polish at TJ Maxx! I immediately jumped on the opportunity! Marc Jacobs Enamored Nail Lacquers retail for $18 USD so when I saw this one was only $10 at TJ Maxx I immediately wanted it. I have always heard amazing things of Marc Jacobs nail polish and held them to high regard. So I was excited to try this baby.


This is a deep violet creme. OR should I say watercolor. Is this even polish? Guys, I had the hardest time getting this opaque. After the first coat I thought, what is this? It’s basically watered down polish. It was so insanely streaky and watery I couldn’t believe it. This is what I have been missing? Um, no thanks. This is my swatch after 2 coats:

So I kept going, because I’m not a quitter. 3 coats… 4 coats… still saw some patchiness. And no this isn’t a jelly polish. I don’t think MJ knows what a jelly polish is, but either way they managed to create a polish that’s very streaky and watery yet does manage to reach full opacity after 4-5 coats. Yes, that’s how many coats it took for me to reach full opacity. This is what I got after 5 coats.

If you’re not a stickler for opacity as I am, then you’ll be fine at 3 coats but I just couldn’t leave them like that so I kept going. The result is very pretty, but I have other polishes this same color that are perfectly opaque in 2 coats. This one was just too much of a hassle. The bottle is also not my fave. It’s weird to hold and it’s only 13 mL. It does look and feel luxurious though and I’ve never seen another bottle like this one, but the polish formula certainly doesn’t justify the price. The curvature of the bottle resembles a smile and was inspired by an Ellsworth Kelly painting in Marc Jacobs’ living room. So I guess that’s cute, but still… no.

Needless to say, I was not impressed with this polish. However, I’m not quite giving up on them yet. I want to try their other formulas like their glitter or metallic polish. Hopefully more will pop up at TJ Maxx or Marshalls because I am definitely not paying $18 for them at Sephora.


I am not sure if these are 3 FREE because it doesn’t state that in the info of the polish online however from my findings online I do know that Marc Jacobs loves shine and wanted this nail polish to look like 30 coats of lacquer… well you’re almost there Marc… this one took 5 coats. Only 25 more to go!

Have you tried Marc Jacobs polish? Did you have my same experience or the total opposite? Tell me!