March Marvel: Edie by Color Club

Hi pretty polishers! Well it’s that time of year again… when I bring out my green polishes and share them with you guys! March Marvel is a series I started last year on my blog so I decided to bring it back this year and feature tons of green polish during the month of March. So today’s beauty is Edie by Color Club.

WOW! When I found this gem stashed away in my to swatch pile I squealed! What a beauty.

Edie is a bright almost neon-ish seafoam green. The formula was a bit streaky and watery. Even after two coats there was still a bit of patchiness so I decided to do 3 coats. It’s perfectly opaque and dries matte so you will want to add a glossy top coat for shine.

This one is gorgeous! I love this shade of green because it’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. So fun! This stunner is originally from the Spring 2010 Poptastic Collection.


Color Club is made in the US and is vegan friendly. They are also never tested on animals. I purchased these at my local beauty supply store but I have also seen them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Most recently I have seen them start popping up at Walmart! You can also purchase Color Club on their site for $8.50 USD.

I have many more green polishes to share for my March Marvel series this month. What is your go-to green? Check out my other March Marvel polishes here.