March Marvel: Honor by ZOYA

Hi loves! This week, month, year, everything has been flying by! Why can’t time just stop for a little bit? I can hardly believe that my March Marvel polishes are coming to an end. I’m trying to post as many as I can before the month ends. Today let’s take a look at a stunning beauty that I’ve had in my stash forever, but never swatched until now. This is Honor by ZOYA.

Honor is an emerald green matte velvet. Absolutely stunning! I always knew this was a stunner but now that I’ve actually seen it for myself, I can understand the fascination.

This polish dries matte and is opaque in just ONE coat. You have the option of leaving it matte, or slapping a glossy top coat and seeing it shine.

I tried both because I just love seeing polish with a glossy top coat, although I am perfectly ok with leaving this matte because it is just so stunning! Now let’s look at it with a glossy top coat…

LOOK at that shine!!! Ermergerrrddddd!!! I can’t deal with this much gorgeousness. It’s amazing.

I’m in love. I really regret not wearing this sooner or reviewing it sooner. I’ve run out of adjectives to describe this beauty. It’s originally from the 2015 Winter Collection.


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ZOYA is now a 10 FREE, BREATHABLE formula!!! How amazing is that? It is free of the following harsh chemicals and toxins found in polish: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, TPMP, Parabens, Xylene, Ethyl, Tosylamide, and Lead. If you’re pregnant or allergic to certain polish because of the chemicals, ZOYA is a great option. It can be purchased here and retails for about $10 USD.


What is your go-to green? If you don’t own Honor, I highly suggest purchasing it. Actually, ZOYA is having their annual Earth Day sale soon, so make sure to take advantage and get it!!! Details of the Earth Day sale are on the site. Smile, it’s FRI-YAY EVE!!