March Marvel: Lime Basil by Revlon

Happy weekend loves! It’s the LAST day of March so I’m sharing the last few green polishes I have to showcase this month. Let’s take a look at Lime Basil by Revlon.

This beauty is a muted sea foam green creme. What an amazing formula!!! WOW. And such a gorgeous color.

Buttery and smooth. It was just a teeny bit streaky on my ring finger but that’s just my nail so I did 2.5 coats for this one.

And can you believe this baby is really scented?!! How cool is that??? It does smell like limes. So cool. This one is an oldie and I couldn’t find the exact date when it was released but it was for sure before 2013.

I LOVE the Revlon Parfumerie line because the bottles and caps are so adorable. They look so chic and cute! If you want to check out the other polishes I’ve tried from this line click here. The scents are hit or miss for me. Some of them smell amazing and others are too strong. Check out my other March Marvel polishes here.


Revlon nail polish is 3 FREE so they do not contain any formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP. Revlon was the first company to completely remove all of these ingredients from nail enamels and led the change that was finally embraced by others in the cosmetics industry several years later. Revlon nail polish is sold at drug stores and mass retailers like Target & Wal-Mart. They usually retail for about $3.99 – $5.99 USD. Fun fact: Revlon owns SinfulColors Professional, Almay, Pure Ice and a few other cosmetic brands.

Have you tried the Revlon Parfumerie line? Which scent is your fave?