March Marvel: Lonesome George by Cirque Colors

Hi pretty polishers! Happy Tuesday 🙂 Today I’m sharing another lovely polish from my March Marvel series. This is Lonesome George by Cirque Colors.

Lonesome George by Cirque Colors |


Lonesome George is an emerald green linear holo. It’s stunning!!! The formula is impeccable. Two easy coats.

Lonesome George by Cirque Colors |

Unfortunately this color is no longer available and I’m sorry for posting a polish you can’t get anymore, but there is one a little similar available called Panacea. It’s more of a chartreuse green but still so gorgeous. I’ve had Lonesome George for a while in my “to swatch” pile and didn’t get around to it until now.

Lonesome George by Cirque Colors |


Here’s a beautiful macro shot of the rainbow holo gorgeousness!

Lonesome George by Cirque Colors |


I often wonder where some polishes get their names, this one in particular. I did a little research and found that Lonesome George was the nickname given to the oldest living Pinta Island Tortoise of his particular subspecies. He lived in the Galapagos Islands and died in 2012 of old age. In his last few years he lived in his own enclosure but entirely by himself. He was known to be the last of his kind and over 100 years old! I’m not quite sure if the polish is named after him, but it’s still a cool story. Lonesome George is now on display at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.

Lonesome George


Cirque Colors is 3-FREE, they hand mix in small batches, and hand pour each polish! Most polish is scented with lavender essential oils. They are a New York based company and have created some of my favorite polish to date. Each polish retails for about $13.

Have you tried Cirque Colors? They just released a bunch of beautiful polish for Spring. You can check out their inventory here.

Stay strong in your Pursuit!