March Marvel: Twiggie by Color Club

Happy weekend loves! It’s the LAST day of March so I’m sharing the last few green polishes I have to showcase this month. Let’s take a look at Twiggie by Color Club.

This bright gorgeousness is a neon-ish lime green creme. Ahhhhhh!!! I live for polishes like these. I love bright beautiful cremes and this one is exactly that!

The formula was great!!! Opaque in 1 amazing coat. I was shocked. Love it so much.

It’s originally from the 2011 Poptastic Collection which was an amazing collection. All of the Color Club Poptastic Collections are awesome.

So that’s it guys, my March Marvel series has officially come to a close for this year. I loved swatching tons of green polishes for you!! If you want to check out my other March Marvel polishes, click here.

Color Club is made in the US and is vegan friendly. They are also never tested on animals. I purchased these at my local beauty supply store but I have also seen them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Most recently I have seen them start popping up at Walmart! You can also purchase Color Club on their site for $8.50 USD.

Have a great rest of your weekend!