Hi loves! So it’s been a few months since I changed my blog name to The Polished Pursuit. The purpose of that was to incorporate other interests of mine that I’m passionate about. One of them being planning. I’m finally going to begin posting more on this topic. Today I’m sharing with you my most recent Michael’s HAUL filled with so many goodies you can use for planning.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to Michael’s Stores. They have tons of adorable washi tape, stickers, planners, stationary, and so many other things for other hobbies such as baking, crafting, and scrapbooking. I always use coupons and I’m part of the Michael’s Rewards program which gives you even more daily coupons and savings! I decided to do a fun HAUL to show you guys what I’ve purchased over the last few weeks. Let’s take a look.



I am obsessed with these sticker packs! I purchased the Quotes pack and the Fitness pack. They both bring hundreds of amazing stickers for your planner. I specifically adore the fonts in the Quotes sticker pack. They are just gorgeous. These are 19.99 each.



Thanks to my beautiful friend Yvette (Unikscrapcreations), I have fallen deep deep deep in love with washi tape and it’s become somewhat of an addiction LOL! But I am not complaining because I love my new addiction. I purchased these amazing washi rolls filled with unicorns, mermaids, llamas, and kitties! People are constantly asking me what is washi tape and what do you use it for? I decided I’m going to do a whole post dedicated to explaining this but just to give you a cliff notes version for now – washi tape is a thin crafting tape made of natural fibers designed to use for decorating anything and everything from cards to picture frames. Most commonly used in DIY projects and planner decorating, washi tape has become quite popular in the last couple years. Pricing on these ranges from $5 – $19

By the way, I have a few extra rolls of the Recollections Enchanting Unicorn & Mermaid washi rolls so if you’re interested in the Mermaid pack click here and if you’re interested in the Unicorn pack click here.


Along with the washi tape, I fell in love with everything from the Recollections Enchanting line from Michael’s. They have stickers, clothespins, mini garlands, stamps, piñatas, you name it – all mermaid and unicorn themed. So you can guess that I went a little cuckoo and purchased almost the entire collection.



For any organized planner girl, page flags are a must to flag special events in the upcoming weeks or months in your planner. The sticky note pads, well they sold themselves because they are just too stinkin’ cute.


I made a video for you guys to see these goodies in action and up close. You can check it out here on my YouTube channel:


I purchased everything in this haul with my own money and I was lucky enough to find most things on sale. The items that were not on sale, I used coupons for and since I’m a Michael’s Rewards member (which you should be too if you shop at Michael’s as often as I do) so I receive coupons daily in my inbox and text alerts on my phone. You can sign up for their rewards program here.

Hope you guys enjoyed this haul! Let me know what was your favorite item that I purchased.