Minions Nail Art Tutorial

Happy MINION Friday Pretty Polishers!

Who is excited about the movie being released today in the US? I am SUPER excited about the Minions having their own movie! They are so cute and funny 🙂 I decided to do Minion Nails to celebrate today’s movie release!


My favorite character is Kevin, just because I LOVE that name and because he is so funny, as all the other minions are too of course. I’ve seen all of the other movies and my absolute FAVE is Despicable Me the original. I LOVE Gru and his grumpy sarcastic personality that is actually warm-hearted deep down inside.

I was inspired to do this mani by a few lovely ladies such as CutePolish and Demelza’s World. I kind of incorporated a little bit of both manis into my own Minion nails 🙂 So here is how you can create your own Minion Nails 🙂


YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING: {links are beside each item}




I created a tutorial on how to create these Minion Nails! You can view it here on my YouTube channel:

What did you think of these Minion Nails? Do you like the Minions as well? Will you be watching the movie this weekend if you are in the US? Hope you have a great weekend 🙂