Moon Shine Mani Wake Me Up Trio | Swatches + Review

Hello pretty polishers! I haven’t said that in a while! I used to open up my blog with that all the time. I think it’s cute, so I’m bringing it back. Today I’m sharing with you pretty polishers the Wake Me Up Trio + Swatchfest Squad Polish by Moon Shine Mani.

The trio is a set of 3 bright, neon jellies packed with flakies. You guys know how much I love neons. This collection is Avicii themed, which makes me love it even more. Avicii was one of my fave EDM artists and I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’m so happy that Phoebe, the creator of Moon Shine Mani did a collection inspired by Avicii and his music. In Phoebe’s words, Avicii, one of my favorite musicians from the past decade, tragically passed away two months ago and I’d like to celebrate his life and artistry with these polishes that make me feel vibrant and electrified, just as his music does. Thank you for this Phoebs! I love it. Let’s take a look at each one.



This is a neon pink jelly filled with pink/orange/gold/green iridescent chameleon flakies. The formula was great on this! I did 2 coats here and even though it’s not opaque, I think it’s juicy, gorgeous, and perfect for Summer.

The flakies are more noticeable under sunlight in this polish.



This is a neon highlighter yellow jelly filled with pink/orange/gold/green iridescent chameleon flakies. Soooo bright and delicious! I just LOVE polishes like these. They are so fun. This was opaque in 3 coats which is awesome!

The flakies are gorgeous. This is the perfect polish for festivals or Summer concerts.



This is a neon green jelly filled with pink/orange/gold/green iridescent chameleon flakies. Oh my gosh you guys, this one is stunning. The formula is great! Super smooth and easy to apply. You can leave it at 2 coats if you don’t care about opacity. I added a 3rd coat. So juicy and yummy!

This one has the most flakies out of the 3. Or maybe it’s the one that you can see the flakies the most. Whichever it is, it looks beautiful!



This is a neon orange-red jelly filled with pink/orange/gold/green iridescent chameleon flakies and fine red to green shifty shimmer. The formula was also good on this one. I did 3 coats to get this juicy squishy result.

This polish was created to celebrate Phoebe’s 200th episode of Swatchfest, a weekly video on her YouTube channel posted every Saturday, and to celebrate the squad of followers that watches each week. I’m included in that squad! I love watching Phoebe’s Swatchfest videos. Can you believe Phoebe has done 200 Swatchfests?!? WOW! Now that is a milestone and accomplishment! Go Phoebs!!

I topped off all of these with Seche Vite top coat because they did all dry a little matte which is normal for jellies and neons. So if you want that glossy look, use top coat. I purchased mine on Amazon here.

I have a live swatch + review video up on my YouTube channel of these beauties that you can check out here:


Moon Shine Mani is 5 FREE and cruelty FREE. Each bottle is approximately 15 mL. Moon Shine Mani ships domestic and international! You can purchase them here. All of these go on sale Friday, July 13th at 9am ET. They are $11 each or $30 for the trio USD.

My favorite from this bunch is Addicted to You. Not only because I LOVE the song but also because the polish is perfection! Which one is your fave? Do you love Avicii’s music too?


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