Mr. Snowman Winter: ZOYA, OPI, and essie

Happy Friday Lacquered Lovelies! Today I am sharing my very first nail art tutorial! I am so excited about this! 🙂 Video tutorials are step by step guides to show how nail art is created! On Instagram and YouTube there are some nail art tutorial gurus! There is some incredible talent and fantastic videos created for all of us to learn and enjoy. Some of my favorite nail art masterminds include Laura Merino, Gianna of Nailstorming, and Sveta Sanders. These girls are Queens of Nail Art! I get tons of inspiration from these ladies and I love re-creating and adding my own twist to their creations. you can view my tutorial on my Instagram. Don’t forget to follow me! 🙂 A special thanks to my bf for helping me record this! He had all the patience in the world, it’s very time-consuming. Haha! I need an iPhone tripod, any suggestions on which ones are best?

Mr. Snowman Winter is perfect for the winter season, holiday season, or when it’s snowing. Since in Miami we never see snow 🙁 I wanted to add this little guy on my nails to get me into the holiday spirit! Here is the step by step guide on how to create him:

1. I used Ling by ZOYA as my blue base. You can try a lighter blue if you wish. Two coats followed by HK Girl top coat for quicker dry time.

2. I used Alpine Snow by OPI to create all the snow on my nails with a medium and small dotting tool.

3. I used Alpine Snow by OPI to create the head of Mr. Snowman. Then added two black dots for his eyes and Roarrrrange by essie for his carrot nose.

4. I used Hot coco by essie to create my snowman’s stick arms. Helpful HINT: use white as a base and then do the brown color over it so that the color pops. I didn’t do this and that’s why the stick arms look a little dark over the blue base. Adding white underneath helps it really stand out.

5. Then to seal the deal, I used HK Girl top coat. Voila! A perfect Mr. Snowman Winter 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this holiday mani and re-create your own!

Stay strong in your Pursuit!

These photos were taken outdoors under shade and indoors with natural sunlight. I added a cool filter to the last photo to make the colors pop!

Mr. Snowman Winter by NailPolishPursuit Mr. Snowman Winter by NailPolishPursuit Mr. Snowman Winter by NailPolishPursuit Mr. Snowman Winter by NailPolishPursuit