Today is Hallow’s Eve!! My favorite day of the year is almost here. I have my costumes ready (yes, I have two costumes), my candy ready, and my nails ready of course!

On this spooky Hallow’s Eve, I am sharing with you my favorite Halloween mani. These Mummy-licious nails were inspired by many photos I saw on Instagram. I especially liked a watermarble mummy technique, but unfortunately I am a watermarble rookie and was not able to complete a successful watermarble mummy look 🙁 I have to keep practicing, it is by no means an easy task. So I decided to create my own mummy mani!

To create this look I used a beige Kennedy by Zoya, a brown Hot Coco by Essie, and a white Alpine Snow by OPI. I also used a large dotting tool, a small dotting tool, and a black nail striper. I started by making a stripe horizontally across my nail starting with the first color near my nail bed interchanging the three colors all the way down to the end of my nail to make the mummy’s body. Then once dry, I added the mummy’s mask with a black nail striper. Then I added the cute googly eyes by using the large dotting tool in white and then using the small dotting tool in black on top. After everything was semi-dry I added HK girl top coat to seal the deal.

These mummy-licious nails are adorable and so fun and easy to create!

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget your last minute costume accessories and candy for tomorrow 🙂

Stay strong in your pursuit!

Mummy Mummy Mummy Mummy Mummy