My Picks: Strengthener & Base Coats

Hi Pretty Polishers! A good mani isn’t complete without starting off with a base/strengthener coat. Not only does a base coat protect your nails from some of the chemicals nail polish has in it, but it also helps nourish and strengthen your nails. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite base/strengthener coats.

Comparison photo and links on where to purchase all of these can be found at the end of the post.

My picks: BEST base coats & strentheners


OPI Original Nail EnvyNail Strengthener

In reality, this is a strengthener, but I use it before every single mani so it counts as my base coat as well. Nail Envy is a maximum strength formula that is calcium and protein enriched to help your weak, damaged nails. It helps your nails resist peeling, cracking, and splitting. My nails are living proof that this stuff works. I started using it about 6 months ago and my nails are amazingly strong, long, and do not ever peel or crack. Just take a look at my nails at the bottom of this post and you will see the magic!

OPI Nail Envy me Strengthener

butter LONDON Nail FoundationFlawless Base coat

As described by BL, this is makeup for your nails! It really does look like foundation in a bottle. It has a subtle apricot color and dries to a silky matte finish. It hides and smooths tiny ridges and imperfections in the nail acting literally like a foundation does on your skin. It provides a smooth canvas so when you paint your nails, there are no bumps or clumps from the base coat. This base coat is also a good alternative for men who don’t want the shiny look after getting a manicure. How many of you know a man that would wear this stuff? Not even if I paid my bf would he wear it. LOL

butter LONDON Nail Foundation

Qtica Natural Nail Growth Simulator – strengthener

This is a strengthener, hardener, and conditioner all in one! Qtica is a sister brand of ZOYA that mostly carries nail care treatments. This 3 in one treatment contains amino acids and proteins to keep your nails strong. It also bonds the keratin that aids in peeling prevention. I just got this recently with a ZOYA promo so I haven’t used it for long, but it does protect the nail well.

Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator

China Glaze First & Last – base coat & top coat

This is a combo 2 for 1 base & top coat. This acts as a protectant base coat and also acts as a hi-gloss top coat, but not fast dry. I have only used it as a base coat because I prefer using a fast drying top coat.

China Glaze 2 in 1 base coat & top coat

Here’s a list of pricing and purchase info:

OPI Nail Envy – $20 – $12 Amazon, Ulta, beauty supply stores. Click here.

butter LONDON Nail Foundation – $19 BL website. Click here.

Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator – $20 ZOYA website. Click here.

China Glaze First & Last base coat – $7.50 Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply, Amazon. Click here.


Here you can see each base coat side by side. See how the BL leaves a matte silky finish while the others are all glossy.

Base Coat comparison

Hope you enjoyed this review. What is your favorite base coat?

Stay strong in your Pursuit!