National Nail Polish Day & National Donut Day

Happy Friday loves! What are the odds of National Nail Polish Day and National Donut Day both falling on the SAME DAY?!? lol!! Well, that just gives me a perfect chance to feature both nails and donuts.


I LOVE donuts especially gourmet donuts. One of my favorite places locally that creates artisanal donuts is called The Salty Donut. They have guava and cheese donuts, tres leches donuts (three milks), pineapple carrot cake donuts, and more! I don’t always get a chance to go to The Salty Donut so my next favorite place is Dunkin’ Donuts!! They have such fun colors and sprinkles, it’s always a treat when I go there.

Since it’s a donut/nails combo kinda day, I decided to do some donut nail art! These were so easy to do. Here is is everything I used to create them. I decided to use all essie polishes:

Here they are from left to right:

Bikini So Teeny, Marshmallow, Need a Vacation, Bond With Whomever, Resort Fling, Shorty Pants, Going Guru, Nama-Stay the Night, Blanc

I had to use the blue icing donut as inspiration for my nail art!

I used Nama-Stay the Night was the perfect shade for these nails because they matched the blue icing on the donut! I got this polish here.

I also wanted to recreate the white icing donut because Marshmallow was the absolute perfect polish to match the white icing. I got this polish here.

I topped this mani off with OPI’s Matte Top coat which I purchased here to give it that icing frosty look. I love it!

Do you guys know how difficult it was to take all of these photos without eating all of the donuts?!? I had to control myself and wait until my photoshoot was done lol. And then when I was done… well let’s just say there are no sprinkles left!


National Nail Polish day was made for all of the nail polish lovers!

I often get asked “How many bottles of nail polish do you own?” Well…. to be honest it’s over 1,000 but I have not counted in over 6 months. So I will have to update that number real soon. Here are some of my nail polish displays and collections.

I purchased the above display at Hobby Lobby.

You can get this acrylic nail polish display rack on Amazon here for $46 USD. It’s amazing and holds over 100 polishes!!


How are you celebrating National Donut Day and/or National Nail Polish Day? Hope you have a great weekend!

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