October Orange: Melt Your Popsicle by ORLY

Happy weekend loves! Today I’m sharing a super bright amazing orange polish for my October Orange series. This is Melt Your Popsicle by ORLY

Melt Your Popsicle by ORLY || Nailpolishpursuit.com


Melt Your Popsicle is a crazy neon orange jelly. WHOA!!! This was tremendously bright and in your face. It’s great for Halloween and this whole month! Like most neons, this polish is insanely difficult to photograph and that’s why this photo looks different than the one above. The photo above depicts a bit more what this polish looks like in real life. The best way to really know exactly how this looks is to see it in person! It’s super bright and neon. See how my camera is freaking out?

Melt Your Popsicle by ORLY || Nailpolishpursuit.com

The formula was good for a jelly. I did manage to get it practically opaque in 3-4 coats. You can still see VNL a tiny bit if you look closely, but it’s not terrible. I added Seche Vive on top and it looks juicy and delicious.


This amazing neon is from the Summer 2012 Feel the Vibe Collection which is the same collection that the famous highlighter yellow neon Glowstick is from! I hope you’re enjoying my October Orange series this month! There are a ton of more orange polishes to come.

Melt Your Popsicle by ORLY || Nailpolishpursuit.com


ORLY is free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene (3 FREE), and features the award-winning Gripper Cap. That cap came in very handy while swatching. I was able to open it with one hand!

What is your go-to orange polish? Have a great rest of your weekend!!

Stay strong in your Pursuit!