Olive & June Spring 2020 Superbloom Collection

Hi polish lovers! Today I’m catching up with swatches and sharing with you the Olive & June Spring 2020 Collection. These polishes are a mix of formulas and colors. Some are good year-round. Thank you so much to Olive & June for sending these beauties to me. Let’s take a look.


Named after Cammy Miller, co-founder of Show Me Your Mumu

This is a nude beige creme. It’s stunning in 2 easy coats. Perfect for everyday wear!


Named after Cologne Trude, co-founder of Show Me Your Mumu

This is a sheer pink. It’s meant to be worn semi-sheer of course, so I did 3 coats here. Still looks super chic and delicate. I love this for special occasions. A very subtle look. Simple and beautiful.


Named after Kristen Caissie, founder of Moon Canyon

This is a dusty pastel sage green creme. I absolutely love this one. I am a sucker for dusty polishes like these. I wear these year-long. This is 2 easy coats.


Named after Bri Emery, the founder of Design Love Fest

This is a sheer milky white. This one is SUPER sheer. It’s perfect for when you want to wear nail polish, but want a natural, simple look. It pretty much looks like you’re not wearing any polish. I did 2 coats here, still sheer, but it’s meant to be like this.


Named after Jennifer Meyer, the founder of Jennifer Meyer jewelry

This is a beautiful medium pink. So bubbly and fun! This color is perfect for spring, however I don’t limit wearing colors like these to just spring. I would wear this one in the summer time too. The formula was perfect. This is 2 easy coats.


Named after Jessie Randall, who designs some of my favorite sandals

This is a buttery pale pastel yellow. So gorgeous!!! This is soft + chic. Just such a lovely color. It was still patchy after 2 coats, so I did a 3rd here.

I topped all of my swatches off with Seche Vite as always, you can purchase it on Amazon here.

Olive & June is 7 FREE, made in Korea, vegan, cruelty free, retail for $8 each and you can purchase them here

My fave was JM! I love pinks like these. I also really enjoyed BEB, as sheer as it is, I like that it’s a classic sheer.

FTC: Some links are Amazon Associate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. These polishes were sent to me as PR.