My Picks: Matte Top Coats

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So we all know that matte nail polish is all the craze right now. Zoya, essie, and other brands are coming out with matte finish polish collections to please high demands. And while some of these collections are gorgeous, I’ve always found that using a matte top coat over any polish makes it work just as well.

My PICKS: Matte Top Coats on

It’s funny because I was actually never a matte finish fan, but now that I’ve tried these matte top coats on manis, I can see where the love develops!

Today I’m reviewing some of my fave matte top coats that I believe do the job well.


1. Orly Matte Top Coat

This is a very thin, watery matte top coat. This will give you a more velvety finish. Out of the bunch, this is the one that will give you the least matte finish. It retails for $10 at Ulta.

Orly Matte Top Coat review on

2. essie Matte About You

This was my first matte top coat ever. I bought it way back when matte top coat first came out. This has a thicker formula. It retails at around $8.49 at Target but I’ve seen it cheaper on eBay.

essie Matte About You top coat review on

3. Sally Hansen big matte top Coat

This has a thicker formula as well and the brush is wide and very easy to apply. This one is probably the best budgeted top coat out of the bunch. It retails for about $5.49 at Target. I think it’s on sale now 😉

Sally Hansen big matte top coat review on

4. OPI Matte Top Coat

This also has a thick formula, but slightly less thick than Sally Hansen’s. The brush is just like the OPI regular polish so it covers the nail perfectly and it’s easy to apply. It retails for about $9.50 at Ulta, but I’ve seen it for $7 on Amazon. Ohhh Amazon. I love that place!

OPI Matte Top Coat review on

My favorite top coat from all of these is a tie between Sally Hansen and OPI. They both have great consistency and formulas. I love Sally Hansen’s brush! and not to mention the price. So I might sway a little more toward the Sally Hansen top coat!


Now let’s take a look at these side by side for comparison. Here I am using Endless Blue by Sinful Colors, which is a gorgeous one-coater cobalt blue:

Matte Top Coat Comparison

Endless Blue by Sinful Colors with Matte Top coat


Hope you found this post helpful in making your decision when purchasing a matte top coat! Do you have a favorite matte top coat that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Stay strong in your Pursuit!