Sally Hansen Color Therapy Floral Collection #sallymade

One of my fave things about Spring is the warmer weather AND the amazing nail polish colors. Next to Summer, it is my second fave season for nail polish colors. Today I’m showing you guys this gorgeous new collection from the Sally Hansen Color Therapy line. They even released beautiful floral stickers to go perfect with your mani.


This is a stunning pastel pink creme. It is perfect to wear to a baby girl shower. The formula is great and it surprised me by drying matte! OMG I did not expect that. Which makes it even more chic. I loved it! The matte effect gives it a dusty look. I did 2.5 coats here to make sure it was opaque and even though I liked the matte look I added a glossy top coat.

Here is what this polish looks like without the glossy top coat, as it dries. So velvety and matte!!


This is a white with a tiny drop of pink and packed with purple shimmer. Gorge! It also dried super matte. This one was a bit patchy so I had to do 2 full coats.

Loving that purple shimmer and it pairs nicely with the pale pink base.


This is a pastel baby blue. Another polish PERFECT for a baby boy shower. Love love love!!! This one also dried matte but was perfectly opaque in 2 coats.


This is an alabaster white. It has a hint of grey in it too. Barely noticeable. I love this polish for Summer as well. So stunning because it’s not a stark white so it tones down the brightness. Surprisingly, it was not streaky so I managed to get away with only doing 2 coats.


Emergerddd!!! Cuticle oils are my FAVE. And scented ones? Ummm yes please. This one smells UH-MAZING. Like Spring Flowers straight up from a garden. Cuticle oil is so important for your nails guys. You should apply it twice daily and when you go to bed. I always see a difference in the strength of my nails when I apply cuticle oil daily. This cuticle oil is infused with Argan oil that also helps leave nails rejuvenated and nourished back to health. I LOVE!!!


How cute are these??? These are the perfect accessory to complete a Spring mani! There are 4 different floral themes in this collection and they are super easy to apply. They are basically like stickers so just place them wherever you want. Do you guys like my Spring mani?

I added a few of each to my nails and came up with this:

I love the bottle caps on these that have beautiful rose gold flower designs. Perfection! Keep in mind that with the Color Therapy line you do NOT need base coat. You can apply these directly to your bare nails to the oil complex can infuse to your nail.

Sally Hansen is an American beauty brand, first founded in 1946 by Sally Hansen herself. Hard As Nails was the first Sally Hansen product filed for a patent in 1957. Since then, the brand has become famous for its dedication to making innovatively-formulated beauty products for real women. Beauty that really works. But Sally Hansen is so much more than just nails, with products spanning 5 beauty categories: nail color, nail care, sunless tanning, hair removal, and beauty tools.

You can purchase these on Amazon here. Or you can head over to your local Walgreens, Target, Walmart or CVS. They retail for about $4 – $6 depending where you guy it.

Which one was your fave? I loved Balmy Blush and I will be wearing it to my sister’s baby shower. I can’t wait!

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