Sally Hansen Insta Dri Glow in the Dark Collection

Hi loves! Who is ready for Hallowen?!? I am SO READY!!! I picked up these super fun polishes at Target.

These are GLOW IN THE DARK polishes by Sally Hansen. They are so cool and perfect for a spooky occasion. Let’s take a look.

I picked up 2 from the collection of 4 just because they are all pretty much the same, just different colors.


This is a pumpkin orange that glows in the dark. The formula on both of these is of course pretty sheer because of the glow in the dark component. I did 3 coats here.

You can purchase this polish here.

How cool does this look in the dark?!! I love it!!! In order to make them glow extra in the dark make sure to put your nails right under a lamp for a solid minute, then turn off the lights and you will see your nails GLOWWWW.


This is a fun monster green. Same formula of course. I did 3 coats here. This one looks exactly the same when it glows in the dark.

You can purchase this polish here.

These are so fun right?! There is a pink one and a regular glow in the dark one that are also available on Amazon here.

Which one is your fave? Are you celebrating Halloween and if so, do you have your costume yet?! I am pretty sure I’m going to be Snow White, but I’m still deciding.

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