Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI NEW Logo + Colors

Hi loves! This week has FLOWN by for me. I feel like Thanksgiving was yesterday but it was a whole week ago! And I’m sure I will blink and Christmas will be here. This year is coming to an end. I’m ready for 2018!! Are you? Today I’m sharing a few new stunning, beautiful shades by Sally Hansen.


Sally Hansen recently re-vamped the INSTA-DRI font on their bottles and I must say I LOVE it! The new font logo looks so much more sleek and pretty! Here is a side by side comparison of the old vs. the new.

I first spotted these pretties at Bed, Bath & Beyond and then at ULTA. I’ve also seen them at Walgreens and Walmart, so they are making their way to most retailers by now. ULTA had a sale on these when I was there the other day and they were buy 1 get 1 50% off so I grabbed a few. These grey shades drew me in and I just had to get them.

They are sooo gorgeous! Some of these are new shades and others are older shades already in their core line. Let’s take a look at each one.


This is a dusty sage green creme. Errrrmerrrgerdddd is that even a word? It’s what the kids say now a days right?! I don’t even know how to describe this beauty. She is STUUUHHHHNINGGGG. There I go again with the multiple letters. All I can say is you need this. Now! The formula is delicious, buttery and smooth AND she’s a one coat wonder. It was love at first swatch for me!!


This is a dove gray creme. So pigmented and yummy! Another amazing formula, smooth and sleek. This wasn’t opaque in 1 coat, so I did 2 coats here. I love grays so much and this one is just perfect. I would wear this during Winter time (even though there is no real Winter in Miami, but we can pretend for the sake of my nails).


This is a cement gray creme. Gorge!! Almost opaque in 1 coat but I did 2 for full opacity. Love this so much! These swatches are giving me 50 Shades of Grey vibes, right?!


This is a delicious charcoal gray creme. I thought this one was going to be opaque in 1 coat, but it was too watery. 2 coats did the trick though. It applies well and glides on the nail.


I must admit that this line by Sally Hansen never really caught my eye until now. This revamping of their font and logo is a plus in my book! Who knew making a font italicized would make it look so much better. I want to buy all of these new font bottles and do a swatch video for you guys. These have really great formulas and the colors are just to die for. Apparently they also changed the formula!! I found this on the Sally Hansen site:

New and improved Insta-Dri® 3-in-1 formula provides 33% longer wear and chip resistance versus old formula.

As the #1 quick-dry polish in North America, Insta-Dri® is formulated with a base and top coat for extended wear and full-coverage, streak-free shine. Dries in 60 seconds and requires just a single step so you can take that nail look to-go anytime, anywhere.

Available in a bright, vibrant range of 48 shades


Hmmm…. they claim that these are 1-coaters but I would argue that some are, others aren’t. It depends on application and I always tend to do thick coats but the only one that really truly was a 1 coater for me was Thyme is Money. The others were definitely 2 coaters.


Sally Hansen Inc. is an American beauty brand, first founded in 1946 by Sally Hansen herself. Since then, the brand has become a household name, famous for its dedication to making innovatively-formulated, affordable beauty products for real women. Launched with just two nail products, including the iconic ‘Hard As Nails’, the award-winning brand now has over 300 shades, is distributed in over 55 countries worldwide, and is the number one nail brand in the U.S.A. amongst other countries. But Sally Hansen is so much more than just nails, with products spanning 5 beauty categories: nail color, nail care, sunless tanning, hair removal, and beauty tools. Sally Hansen polishes are sold in Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and many other retailers worldwide.


Well it’s official, I want them all. I will buy some pinks, blues, and green tones and I’ll be back with a swatch video. These are so stunning. I’m such a sucker for a good creme polish. It’s my fave type of formula. I can’t pick a favorite here, they are all so gorgeous. Which one was your favorite?