Sally Hansen Miracle Gel NEONS

It’s my fave day of the week day, Mani Monday! August is the hottest month of the year for some states like New York and Texas in the US during summertime, so I have some HOT nail polishes today to show you. These are the NEONS from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line.

There are 5 shades in this collection, and 1 exclusive to Canada, but I only have 4 to show you today. Thanks to Sally Hansen for sending these to me for review. Let’s take a look!


This is a gorgeous bleached neon peachy/coral-y creme. It was super patchy of course on the first coat, but builds up nicely. I did 3.5 coats here (some nails required a 4th coat) because I wanted full opacity. All of these dry matte so you will need a glossy top coat to get them to look this juicy. I really don’t mind the 3 coats because look at these results!!! WOW!


This is a bleached neon green. Delicious, yummy, and the epitome of a summer mani! This one had the same formula, also took 3 coats for full opacity, to cover up the patchiness. By the way, I didn’t use a white base coat for any of these. If I would have used one, these would probably have been opaque in 1 or 2 coats. A white base would also make them pop more, but I don’t really like using the white base coat. I like working with the polish itself and making it opaque on it’s own.


This is a bleached neon aqua. Now, you guys know this one has to be a fave, just because of the name! Same formula on this one. Love everything about this polish!


This is a bleached neon violet. All of these had the same formula, but trust me they are worth the coats! They look so stunning in the end.

I topped all of these beauties off with essie’s gel setter top coat which you can purchase on Amazon here.

The only ones missing from here are Fuchsia Fever which is a bright neon pink and Lemon-chello which is a neon yellow, exclusive to Canada.

My faves are Peach Please and Miami Ice. I love them all but those two I like just a little more. Which one was your fave?

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