Sally Hansen Pacific Blue: Old vs New

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! On #tbt I like to take polishes out from the vault and bring them back to life! Today is a special post and as I promised, I am comparing two polishes with the same name while I sort of mourn the loss of the older one. This is the ever-so-popular Pacific Blue new vs old formula comparison.

Pacific Blue new vs. formula by Sally Hansen |

Sadly, last year Sally Hansen decided to change the formula of this perfect polish to a jelly with shimmer (wtf???) and they shamelessly kept the same name on the polish. Why Sally, why? The formula is completely different so they might as well have changed the name too. Nail polish lovers from all around the world love the original color so much that there have been several petitions to #savePacificBlue and bring the old formula back… but no such luck 🙁 Here is a fantastic post by Nouveau Cheap on this blasphemous act ! Here was Sally’s response to the gigantic backlash received when they changed the beloved Pacific Blue formula. This was posted to their Instagram in case you wanna see the original post here.

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue change response |

Ok…. what are we supposed to do with this? Sally, listen, it’s simple… change the formula back. No need to do extensive research or testing. We all LOVE and miss the old formula and the new formula sucks 🙁 Majority rules and I know hundreds of thousands of women are with me on this one. Just check out the comments on the original Instagram post of this picture. Some are harsh, but we really just want PB original formula back! If you want to keep us in mind, as you claim, change the formula back. That will make us all happy 🙂 And if you can’t change it back, then leave the new one as is and bring the old formula back and call it something else – something like Pacific Blue Dream!

The point of this post is to continue the struggle to #bringpacificblueback 🙂 And to show you guys the BIG difference between the two. I know some of you might like the new formula and color, but trust me, if you try the old one… you won’t want the new one!


Let’s take a look at both.

Pacific blue {original old formula}

This is a ONE-coater medium cobalt blue with a perfect dreamy formula. How do I put into words all of the deliciousness of this polish? We all wish every polish was this easy to apply, was this bright, pigmented, and creamy at the same time! :::Swoooon:::

Pacific Blue {original formula} by Sally Hansen |

Pacific Blue {original formula} by Sally Hansen |

Pacific Blue {original formula} by Sally Hansen |


Pacific Blue {new formula}

This is a royal blue jelly with shimmer. It is SUPER streaky on the first coat, and not very easy to apply. The color isn’t so horrible but it reminds me of when I was a teenager in the 90’s and got acrylic nails and painted them a shimmery blue to stand out from the rest. Ughh! What was I thinking?!? Those God-awful teen aged years! This took about 2.5 coats to make opaque and chipped literally the next day. No guys, this is not acceptable.

Pacific Blue {new formula} by Sally Hansen |

Pacific Blue {new formula} by Sally Hansen |

Pacific Blue {new formula} by Sally Hansen |

So now maybe you can see why I’m so passionate about Sally bringing this color back. Unfortunately the only way to purchase the old formula is on eBay which is where I got mine. I might be late to the Pacific Blue game here, but now that I have actually tried both I see how passionate people were about bringing the old formula back. It’s like comparing gold to dirt, Kings to peasants, Chipotle to McDonald’s! LOL Get my point? This change was made a year ago, so I know it’s been a while, but I’m hoping Sally Hansen will listen to all of us finally and #savepacificblue

Sally Hansen is the number one brand of nail care in the US. They do not test on animals and they are 3 FREE so do not contain formaldehyde, DBP, or toluene. They can be purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and so many other drug stores and retail stores world wide.


What do you think about these two? Should they bring the old formula back or do you love the new one? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay strong in your Pursuit!