Sally Hansen: Tan Lime 905

Happy Weekend to my Lacquered Lovelies! Today I’m sharing with you Tan Lime by Sally Hansen. This is a shamrock green jelly. This is a true true true jelly. It dried to that famous squishy jelly texture and took FOUR coats to get here and it’s still super sheer. The formula was of course very watery as most jellies tend to feel.

Tan Lime by Sally Hansen

So as we all know, the next fun festive holiday in the states is St. Patrick’s Day. We will all start seeing the GREEN manis pop up everywhere! So the other day when I was in Target, I saw this polish and I thought – Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! I was excited to try it on. I was going to wait until March, but I figured why not start a little early? My reaction when I swatched this color was not good. I really don’t like sheer polish or jellies for that matter, so by my third coat of this greenie I had my thumbs down. It looked so nice and pigmented in the bottle, but surprised me when I put it on my nails.

Tan Lime by Sally Hansen

Well, for those of you that love jellies, this is perfect for you! I have a few other greens that I need to try for St. Patrick’s Day. Hopefully those will be more opaque and creamy 🙂

Stay strong in your Pursuit!

These photos were taken indoors under a lamp. Four coats and no top coat.

Tan Lime by Sally Hansen Tan Lime by Sally Hansen