Salon Perfect Peaches & Crèmes Collection

Hi loves! I am beyond in love with the collection in today’s post. Not only are they yummy delicious cremes, but the colors are perfection! This is the Salon Perfect Spring 2018 Peaches & Crèmes Collection.


I recently received an amazing PR Package from Salon Perfect! If you missed it, you can check it out here. I was so happy to open it up and find sooo many goodies, this collection included. Creme is my FAVE type of formula of nail polish because it is classic and chic. I love every creme color under the sun. These are all peachy tones, which look amazing on so many different skin tones. Let’s take a look at each one.



This is a marshmallow white. The formula is pretty streaky but if you over load the brush to try and get thick coats, you will flood your cuticles. This one was a bit tough to apply but after 3 coats it’s so pretty and fresh! A perfect summer mani.



This is a white base with a drop of pink. It looks white from afar but up close it’s a pinky shade. The formula was also streaky… it’s a 3 coater!



This is a light peachy pink. Surprisingly it’s not streaky! YAY! The formula was good. It was opaque in 2 coats and super chic!



This is a pastel neon-ish bright peach. Wahhh this one was also streaky. Neon + peach = difficult formula. It dries matte so if you want it shiny you will need a glossy top coat. I used essie’s speed setter which you can get on Amazon here.



This is a gorgeous perfect peach. Ermergerdddd. I am obsessed!!! Two coats of perfection. Buttery and smooth. I was so shocked when I saw a little bit of shimmer in this! It’s super microscopic though I can barely tell.



This is a rosey/berry/mauve perfection. Oh my! I am in love with this tone! Super pigmented and buttery. Be careful not to overload your brush. Thin coats is best and with the formula it’s easy because it’s super pigmented so you might be able to get away with 1 coat.



This is a yummy strawberry red. YUM! It’s more of a crelly formula so creme + jelly. It’s squishy and a bit water. This is 2 coats.



This is a neon-y bright apricot peach. WOW!! Love this for Summer! The formula was ok, it’s a 3 coater. A bit sheer, but it does even out on it’s own. It dries matte so you will need a glossy top coat for this one too.

If you want to see how these apply, I have a live swatch + review video up on my YouTube channel here:


The Peaches & Crèmes Collection is available exclusively at Walmart for $3.98 USD each.

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My favorites from the bunch were Practice What You Peach, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Sweet Peach Sangria. Which one was your favorite? Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!!! These are too good to miss out on.



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