SinfulColors 2017 Luck of the Stylish Collection

Happy St. Patrick’s Day loves! I hope you’re wearing green, but if you’re not these polishes will save you for the day. These beauties are the new polishes from the 2017 Luck of the Stylish Collection by SinfulColors Professional.


SinfulColors released 3 new shades this year for their St. Patty’s themed collection. The others were all re-promotes. Let’s take a look at these cuties.


This is a mint seafoam green base filled with gold flakies. It was very patchy and streaky on the 1st coat but it evens out nicely on the 2nd coat.

This polish is so appropriate for today because those flakies are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!



This is an emerald green filled with gold shimmer. STUNNING! I love this one. Applies really well and is super pigmented. Almost opaque in 1 coat, perfect in 2.

This macro is to die for. This is definitely my pick for St. Patrick’s Day.



This is a clear base filled with green circle glitter, chartreuse hex glitter, and holo clover shaped glitters. Ok so as cute as this is, it’s a mission to apply. I did one coat over black and one coat over white.

The clovers are my favorite but they are difficult to fish out and can get a bit goopy. But so perfect for St. Paddy’s Day!!


Check out my live swatch video on my YouTube channel here to see these in action and subscribe while you’re there:


SinfulColors Professional is 3-FREE (contains no Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DBP) and they are made in the USA. The best part is the price! They are very affordable and good quality polish. You can find this polish at Walgreens or Target for $1.99 each USD.


My favorite from the trio is Queen of Green because it reminds me of the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz. So gorgeous! Which one was your favorite? Will you be celebrating today with some green nail polish and drinking a delicious green beer? Have a great weekend loves!