Surviving Hurricane Irma + First Day of Fall Polishes

Happy Friday everyone! I am finally back!!! It has been such a crazy month! I’ll get into that in just a bit, but first let’s celebrate the First Day of Fall or as others call it, Autumn. It’s bittersweet for me because I absolutely adore Summer, but like all things in life, we must move on – to Fall! I choose three polishes in my “to swatch” pile that made me feel in a Fall-ish mood.

Now let’s get into my absence, which is rare, but I have a really good excuse. I have always posted consistently over the 3 years I’ve had my blog but this time Mother Nature had other plans. If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook where I have still been active, then you know about two weeks ago I was preparing for Hurricane Irma. She was recorded as the largest, strongest, and scariest (in my opinion) hurricane in the Atlantic Basin. I live in Miami, Florida and we have had our fair share of hurricanes throughout the years but this was a monster of a storm. I’m rarely scared when tropical storms come through, but this was different. Irma started her wrath of fury in the islands and caused so much destruction and devastation in her path. We prepared as best we could by buying food, water, filling our gas tanks, putting up wood/shutters, and taking out cash to have at hand. All we could do was prepare for the worst and pray for the best. If you were keeping up with my Instagram, then you saw how crazy the gas lines were at gas stations and how the bread, water, and canned tuna disappeared at local supermarkets.

Irma hit the Florida keys just South of Miami on Sunday, September 10th as a category 4 hurricane with 130 mph winds. All day and all night I felt and heard the strong winds. It sounds kind of like a howling freight train. The gusts are the scariest part in my opinion because it’s when the wind is strongest. We lost power this day at 9am. It was an intense day and I spent most of the day praying it would be over and people would be safe. On the morning of September 11th once Irma had left our vicinity and was on her way up the West Coast of Florida, we walked around our neighborhood to find the destruction she had left behind. Considering the facts we knew about the storm, the damage could have been a lot worse. Irma wasn’t a direct hit for Miami and for that I am grateful. We had minimal damage to our home, many many trees were down, loss of power, but the most important part was that we were safe and well. Many did not survive Irma and/or lost their homes completely. Now we begin the rebuilding process and just as Florida has done many times before, we are strong and will get through it.

I finally got power back on Wednesday and I was so incredibly grateful. Living without power is miserable. Hot, sweaty days and nights, cold teeth-chattering showers, and no use of technology! We are so accustomed to having our cellphones, TV’s, iPads, and even cold A/C, but trust me on this – I will never take it for granted because we truly are blessed and lucky to have these luxuries.

Life is starting to feel normal again as we settle into our daily routines. I even started placing Fall decor around my home this week. I must say I am pretty obsessed with my front door Happy Fall sign! I purchased it at Michaels of course. Miami is far from being back to where we used to be before the storm, but we will get there. I continue to pray for those that are currently being affected by Hurricane Maria, the earthquakes in Mexico, and all of the flood devastation in Houston that occurred last month due to Hurricane Harvey. It has been quite a month! Our planet needs our prayers and positivity. I usually don’t post on topics other than nails or planners, but I felt this was necessary to share especially for those of you that live in other cities, states, or countries who have never been through a hurricane.

The good news is my family and I are safe, we are doing well, and I’m so so SO happy to be back swatching nail polish and posting on my happy space! I also wanted to thank each and every one of you that reached out to me through Instagram with messages of care and concern. I was overwhelmed with love and I THANK YOU so much for caring!! Now let’s take a look at these Fall polish beauties.



This is a deep eggplant purple creme. The formula is extra luscious and super easy to apply. Very pigmented and almost opaque on the first coat. I did 2 coats here just to even it out. This vampy beauty is originally from the Sugar High Spring 2015 Collection. This is a bit lighter in person. My camera made it darker than it is in real life.


This is a brown base filled with red burgundy shimmer. On the first coat, this was extremely sheer. Surprisingly it covered perfectly on the second coat. I really enjoyed this one after it was completely opaque in 2 coats.

This perfect Fall shade is originally from the Fall 2007 Collection. It’s a ten year old polish!

EL CAPITAN by Cirque Colors

This is a gorgeous olive green creme. LOVE! This color to me is the epitome of Fall! Well, this and a burnt orange color too! The formula was perfect. ONE COAT!!! Smooth and buttery. This beauty is originally from the 2015 Icon Duo sets which was an exclusive to Nordstrom. Sadly, this gem is no longer available but I hear KL Polish is launching a color really close to this one soon!


I can’t believe I’m already swatching Fall polish! I didn’t get to finish swatching a bunch of Summer polishes I wanted to, but hey I make the rules on my blog so I’ll probably add them on here even though it’s officially not Summer anymore. Honestly, all I’m asking for is to get through this year’s Hurricane season!

Which one of these was your favorite? Mine was El Capitan by Cirque Colors because one coat wonders always steal my heart! What other Fall polishes do you love? Tell me in the comments below! Did you guys miss me? I missed you all!!

Have a great weekend loves!