Glittery Girly Spider

Even though it is officially November and sadly Halloween is over, many of you are still celebrating Halloween today since it is the weekend! I have a Halloween costume party tonight. I love Halloween so I can’t wait to continue the celebration.… Continue Reading

Happy Halloween Pretty Polishers!

The day has finally arrived! The GREAT Pumpkin has arrived… no just kidding. Linus will always keep waiting for the Great Pumpkin! One of my favorite things to do today is watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”! I also… Continue Reading


Today is Hallow’s Eve!! My favorite day of the year is almost here. I have my costumes ready (yes, I have two costumes), my candy ready, and my nails ready of course! On this spooky Hallow’s Eve, I am sharing… Continue Reading

Frankenstein’s Cute Monster

Happy Halloween Hump Day! How is everyone’s Halloween week going? My week is going amazing…I am patiently waiting for Friday 🙂 [Insert pumpkin emoji here] LOL Today I am sharing with you the most difficult and time-consuming mani I have… Continue Reading