Top Coat Tuesday 1st edition: Seche Vite & Out the Door

Taco Tuesdays… Nah! Top Coat Tuesdays are so much better 🙂

There are so many different brands of top coats. I have tried quite a few. I always gravitate toward these two – INM Out the Door Top Coat & Seche Vite. They both dry incredibly fast and do a great job at sealing nail polish. Seche Vite means “Quick Dry” in French! Seche Vite does get a little thick and slimy half way through the bottle, but there is a Seche Vite Restore that you can purchase and add to it, which is a thinner that brings the Seche Vite back to it’s original formula.

INM Out the Door Top Coat lasts forever!! It’s such a huge bottle I usually only buy two per year. Manicurists use this brand at the professional nail salons. I love both and like to interchange between the two. INM top coat is usually only sold at beauty supply stores, but you can also find it on Amazon. Seche Vite is sold at Ulta and beauty supply stores as well.

What is your favorite Top Coat? Maybe I haven’t tried it yet! I love hearing suggestions.

Stay strong in your Pursuit!