ZOYA Fall 2016 Urban Grunge One Coat Cremes Collection

Hey loves! Happy Friday!! I’m back today with the second half of the ZOYA Fall 2016 Urban Grunge Collection. These are the One Coat Cremes.


Cremes are my favorite formula and ONE COAT cremes, well that’s a match made in heaven. Let’s take a look at these beauties!


This is a dusty elephant grey creme. Totally a ONE coater! YES!!! Starting off on the right foot here. I’m a sucker for grey polish!



This is a nude beige creme. Also lived up to it’s claim. I was sooo impressed with this one because it is difficult to get such a nude/beige tone like this to be opaque let alone in one coat. This one is a beauty!


This is a deep plum creme. Beautiful formula! One coat and you’re done. Lovely!



This is a deep oxblood red creme. I found the culprit! The rebel in the collection!!! This one was NOT a one coat creme. After one coat it’s still patchy so I did two coats here for full opacity.



This is a shamrock green creme. Perfection. I adore this shade of green. Luckily (pun intended) this polish was a ONE coater!



This is a true blue creme. And we finish the collection off with another one coater. I love this shade of blue so much. This one didn’t really stain my nails. I had to use extra remover on the sides of my nails but no staining. Keep in mind though, I only wore this for a few minutes. If you stain easily with blue polish, double up on the base coat just in case.


Don’t forget to watch my live swatch video on my YouTube channel here:


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ONE COAT cremes are basically gems in the nail polish world so I was really happy that 5 out of the 6 lived up to their one coat claim! I loved all of these but if I had to pick a fave it would be August because I just die with grey polish!